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MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider)

MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider)

As part of our services we have the perimeter protection service, which seeks to secure our clients' applications and the infrastructure of origin of attacks such as “DDos” (Distribute denial of services), “SQL injection”, etc.

This service includes tools such as:

  • AWS Shield
  • AWS Shield advanced
  • CDN
  • Cloud front
  • AWS Waf
  • AWS Firewall manager.
  • The service provides visibility and access to the AWS DDos Response team.

The service provides visibility and access to the AWS DDos Response team. It operates under the shared responsibility model and we as partners raise the services, configure, maintain and monitor security policies to guarantee good use practices.





With this program we seek to improve security and mitigate the possible risks to which our clients are exposed by having their applications or websites available to anyone.

 Value proposal 

Through an evaluation we determine which services are adapted to improve the security level of our clients and we propose an architecture that adjusts to the business model in a cost-effective way.







Amazon Cloud Front 

Convert your AWS Data-Transfer-Out to CloudFront to reduce costs, improve performance, and improve security.

Support Operation Center (SOC)

In order to provide better quality support, we have our SOC (Support Operation center), which focuses on:

  • Monitoring
  • Review of services
  • Analysis of data and registered logs
  • Up-to-date maintenance of services
  • Resolution to requirements placed through tickets


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