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Cloud adoption

Cloud adoption

The cloud represents a great change for the organization improving the competitiveness and agility of the business. There are several migration methods, which consist of total, partial migrations or hybrid systems (in which they coexist with physical servers).

As well as implementations where we can choose between having cloud instances with backup's or having bucket's that house the data. Any type of information can be stored, however it is a complex process that requires experience in order not to carry out bad practices that generate unnecessary costs.

At Myappsoftware our team of certified experts carry out a diagnosis in which they detect the most effective method for your company, making the most of the cloud.


  • Flexible and Self-scalable infrastructure capacity, that is, it increases or decreases the use of resources according to needs
  • Large investments in servers are avoided by having to increase capacity
  • Costs are reduced by paying only what is used
  • The competitiveness of the company increases, since it increases agility and speed
  • Global reach


  • Migrate databases like SAP
  • Use it to save customer database
  • Save sales statistics that take up a lot of space
  • Store company email to avoid cluttering servers
  • Accommodate necessary company documents, photos, videos
  • Save day-to-day operations and that run in certain programs among others

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