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Cloud education

Cloud Education

Myappsoftware has supported various educational entities in Latin America in the migration of their infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Due to the vast experience that Myappsoftware experts had acquired managing infrastructure of universities such as the Francisco University Marroquin, private sector schools and non-profit educational entities such as Escuela Americana de Tegucigalpa, we have the experience and knowledge of the technological needs of this type of entity. Over time we have invested in resources and time together with our experts in making the infrastructure more efficient using.

storage solutionsDatabases, among other solutions and using the best practices recommended by AWS, educational institutions have detected, not only the saving in resources, but the speed with which they can adapt to their growth year by year and the possibility of being in constant innovation.

Education is an area in which technology has had considerable relevance due to the different cloud-based learning tools and environments, which offer countless study opportunities to improve both teaching and learning through education. face-to-face as well as distance and even blended.

At Myappsoftware we understand the importance of bringing students the latest technologies by all means available today, which is why we specialize in the most useful tools for the correct transmission of knowledge, providing educational institutions with resources that will allow you to focus on the most important thing: your students. Among the tools that we use with educational institutions we can mention MLS, Workspaces, Sigle Sign on, Hall Automation with AWS IoT.

Furthermore, with the help of AWS Educate y AWS Academy It is possible for us to evangelize from students in schools to universities on Cloud services, specifically from AWS, also providing educational entities with training and trainings for their administrative staff to create an educational environment totally in the cloud.



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