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UFM success story

The Francisco Marroquín University is the project of a group of entrepreneurs who strove to help the country through this private non-profit institution. Technology has helped them acquire knowledge more quickly so that it can be disseminated among all their students. The university's most important point in the use of the cloud has been that the services are always working and AWS, together with the support of Myappsoftware, has allowed them to guarantee this in all the platforms and solutions that are available to students. "The university no longer thinks of having physical servers for any application," says Juan Carlos López Villatoro, Director of Technology at the UFM. The cloud is used to teach virtual classes, face-to-face, organize their administration, management systems and any solution in which they have to provide a new service, project or simply an experiment that they can think of.

About the UFM

The Francisco Marroquín University, with the experience of Myappsoftware, through artificial intelligence has been able to diagnose student enrollments in a more efficient way and also identifies the people who attend the university; This is thanks to Rekognition, Lex and Polly, who have allowed them to raise their scenarios to guarantee the taking or to give certification to the students of the courses they are enrolled in. Similarly, they continue to do tests with Rekognition to verify the identity of the students, with Lex, to diagnose verbally and with Polly to transcribe the information so that the students can use audiobooks generated by the university or by the professors themselves.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry broadcasts classes live and in streaming making them available anywhere in the world, giving them a global reach.

Francisco Marroquin University is part of MIC, a project led by MIT in conjunction with educational entities that seek to provide resources for the integration of technology in the educational sector.

Myappsoftware provides all the necessary support support in all the applications and new projects that you want to implement.


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