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The American School of Tegucigalpa

Why Amazon Web Services?

At Escuela Americana de Tegucigalpa we require that we be able to host our ERP in a secure cloud and that we already have the experience provided by AWS. The AWS VPN has allowed us to totally restrict traffic to the SAP server, in addition to being hosted in three availability zones, which is one of the main advantages of being in the AWS cloud.

Additionally, we have better control of our ERP entry through Workspaces, which, due to availability and redundancy, we have placed in two different availability zones. Myappsoftware has advised us with the use of the Amazon Web Services console, with the use of Identity and Access Management (IAM); The created users are assigned the minimum roles and permissions to carry out the administration, giving us the peace of mind of having availability and vision of our services at any time and in the safest way.

Likewise, we have the support recommended by Myappsoftware, for the preparation and recovery, reducing the time when executing the Disaster Recovery Plan using, EBS, EC2, Snapshots, S3.


After implementing The American School of Tegucigalpa, they began to analyze and observe the different benefits of having implemented the AWS cloud implementation. We can start by mentioning the economic model. When the deployment was done, the instance at that time was scheduled to be in run mode only when needed. Also, not all WorkSpaces were created, but only those necessary to start the implementation. This allowed the payment to be fully on demand. After completing the implementation, and having carried out the necessary tests, it was determined that the instance was appropriate, for which the economic model was used ... The school saved a lot of time in the acquisition of new computer equipment for its administrative staff . With Bundles of their WorkSpaces, creating them with all the applications they needed was made easier and in considerably less time than traditional solutions. In conclusion, The American School of Tegucigalpa is satisfied with the flexibility, security, profitability and availability of its SAP® HANA ERP operating on the AWS infrastructure and the support of Myappsoftware.


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We want cloud adoption to be a good experience for your collaborators and that your clients only notice positive changes in your operations.

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