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QIL + 4 Lawyers

Qil + 4 Lawyers

It is a law firm founded in 1999 that operates in the US, Guatemala, Central America and the Caribbean. It has 69 attorneys and provides services to 385 companies, several of which are part of the Fortune 500.

Definition of the problem

The client had problems keeping their services operational since they had problems with the operating systems, their database, their document management application and at the same time they had to renew their hardware, they were looking for how to safely provide their collaborators with connect remotely and a disaster recovery scenario ..

Their workloads are: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Active Directory, Storage, File Server, EDOCS Document Management Application, Microsoft IIS.


We offered the client to do a TCO analysis to demonstrate how AWS was more reliable, then migrate their applications using AWS technologies, providing:

  • Security using best practices on AWS
  • Information integrity
  • Secure network settings
  • Encryption of data in transfer
  • Workspaces to concentrate all your information on AWS
  • Disaster recovery solution with CloudBerry

AWS Service Solution

  • EC2 Microsoft Windows
  • AWS Config
  • EC2 Microsoft SQL
  • AWS Control Tower
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services S3
  • AWS System Manager
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon Workspaces
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (YO SOY)
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Amazon Elastic BlockStore (EBS)
  • Reserved Instance Reporting
  • AWS Cost and Usage Report
  • AWS Directory Services
  • Amazon SNS

It started from December 2019 to March 2020


The implementation of all the mentioned services was carried out.

  • Preparation of the TCO prior to migration
  • Managing security
  • Raising the infrastructure (all services to use from AWS)
  • Providing the necessary training
  • Raising the Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Testing and tuning were carried out
  • It was delivered working with what was offered

Knowledge was gained about the importance of S3 to customer use.

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