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(Polimeros y Tecnología, SA) is a company dedicated to the plastic film industry in the Central America and Mexico region, it has more than 500 employees, offices in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica, its monthly production exceeds 2 thousand tons of product in different types of film, from food, shrink wrap and film for agribusiness.

Main Challenge

They have an ERP system that supports more than 100 users, hosted in the EC2 service, considering that it is a company that supplies raw materials to several consumer companies, the number of transactions for the day is extremely high. That is why, one of the needs was to have a recovery environment that does not exceed four hours to amortize any fall.


At Myappsoftware we have the AWS Disaster Response competence, which consists of performing migrations or workloads with the best practices recommended by AWS to avoid loss of information during the processes. With this we are able to avoid that information of more than twelve hours is not lost, recovering the latest version and in this way keeping the most recent information available to our clients.

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We want cloud adoption to be a good experience for your collaborators and that your clients only notice positive changes in your operations.

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