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Emits is a provider authorized by the SAT for the certification of electronic invoices and we specialize in the development of innovative solutions in the field of digital tax verification.

What was the reason you took AWS as an option?

Emite was totally dependent on on-premise infrastructure, so maintenance or changes could be a real headache. In addition, by offering a mission critical service, we cannot allow failures or unavailability in our applications. These were the reasons why they began the search for an infrastructure-as-a-service provider that would meet the needs required by our operation and that, in turn, would allow us to scale easily and reduce costs.

 Why did you come up with MyAppSoftware?

They found in MyAppSoftware a technological ally that has helped us align the architecture to the best practices recommended by AWS and implement services out of our reach such as BI and machine learning for the benefit of the organization and its customers.

What were your solutions on AWS?

We currently use more than 20 AWS services, mainly Lambda that allows us to run and scale our microservices without worrying about managing servers, and CloudHSM, to protect and sign with cryptographic keys on dedicated hardware, maintaining the highest security standards. Some other services they use are API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, SQS, CloudWatch, Fargate, RDS, etc.


I want to be a success story!

At Myappsoftware we want you to be our next success story, taking you to a digital transformation as friendly as possible and giving you our best practice advice.

We want cloud adoption to be a good experience for your collaborators and that your clients only notice positive changes in your operations.

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