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Cloud Campus success story


Industry: Education
Presence: Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Colombia and the Dominican Republic

Cloud Campus offers educational institutions a centralized application to be able to carry out administrative control and academic procedures. The high demand for this application has generated the need to find a solution that optimizes the performance of the platform, as well as the cost of the operation. Seeing the need to make a change in the infrastructure of the application host.


About Cloud Campus: 

Company that develops applications for educational purposes to facilitate administration, academic management, financial control of educational institutions. The applications are cross-platform and offered as SaaS, being constantly updated in the technology they use.



Cloud campus is an organization that is constantly innovating, adding and modifying information from its platforms and its website, therefore, it needed to properly manage the use of data storage without incurring heavy expenses or investments that had no use
righ now. Several options were presented to be able to solve the storage problem, the idea was to find the best solution that met the needs of the business model, a flexible and accessible solution to optimally store any type of information on the website and its platforms .



We tied the Cloud Campus requirements with the AWS services, we made an optimal cloud architecture taking advantage of the benefits of AWS, to comply with the parameters proposed by Cloud Campus. We implement an Amazon EC2 server for the website and three additional instances that will contain two modules from the same website. The management of the MySQL databases were hosted in the
Amazon RDS services and Amazon S3 was used to deposit images, forms, and documents that the site needs to display. With this we solve the initial storage problem by giving flexibility in the storage capacity of the website.


Expected Results

It is expected to guarantee the 100% operability of the platform on AWS, managing to serve all current users of the application, having accessibility available to provide an adequate user experience. In terms of benefits, we hope to optimize and reduce current costs by at least 10%.



The migration of the application to the AWS cloud helped in:
• Cost reduction by 11%
• Ease of administration.
• Storage flexibility (Increasing or decreasing it according to the

Lessons learned

Amazon S3 Buckets can be used as a network resource in the configuration of
Amazon VPC Endpoints




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