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Bowpi case


It is a company dedicated to the financial industry. They looked for a strategic ally to migrate to the cloud, due to the number of transactions they need to store and analyze.

The challenge

Being a company that serves financial institutions, they needed a solution that responded to the large amount of storage that was required and at the same time without raising costs as much. They also needed an alternative to support the business intelligence area, as more and more Data needed to be processed and analyzed.

Solution proposed by Myappsoftware

In 2017, the alliance with Myappsoftware was born, where they were advised and recommended how to migrate to the cloud, with an architecture that allowed them to continue working normally without losing productivity. For this, it was necessary to analyze the company's line of business, the capacity it needed to use and, of course, the type of cloud instances it required at the time to optimize costs.

After performing the diagnoses, the migration to the cloud was implemented under a scheme that responded to the client's needs, which provided clarity to those in charge of each area and provided times for the different stages of migration. Likewise, AWS machine learning was recommended, which supports data analysis through artificial intelligence, saving time and costs. obtaining more accurate results when analyzing information to make better decisions.


Bowpi is currently a success story, mainly due to the cost savings obtained by taking full advantage of the scalability feature. It allows them to increase or decrease the consumption in the cloud according to the need at the moment and with this saves on having physical servers in their facilities. Additionally, with machine learning, data analysis is obtained that previously could not have been performed, thanks to the AWS cloud.

I want to be a success story!

At Myappsoftware we want you to be our next success story, taking you to a digital transformation as friendly as possible and giving you our best practice advice.

We want cloud adoption to be a good experience for your collaborators and that your clients only notice positive changes in your operations.

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