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Mini grip was born more than 50 years ago in the field of flexible packaging, currently they are specialists in food packaging and leaders in technological innovation in Latin America.

How and when did the project or initiative to have services on AWS start?

Due to the constant growth of the company and the search for new technologies, they needed a technological ally that could cover the rapid implementation of services and that would provide us fullfilment of security requirements and high availability. This is how we started exploring services on AWS.

What was the experience of initially planning to develop your DRP and what was the need for workspaces?

Since Minigrip is a company in the industrial sector that works 24/7, it is critical that its systems can have the highest availability and any failure has a strong impact on productivity. With the help of MyAppSoftware A DRP model was designed that would allow us to ensure the continuity of the operation in our production systems.

What were your solutions?

The solutions were DRP and Workspaces, with the aim of data availability, agility of response in every need, taking into account the best information security practices.

Business benefits translated into numbers. 

Thanks to the implementation of cloud solutions, the time and resources allocated to maintenance and the time allocated to backing up information have decreased by more than 50%.


I want to be a success story!

At Myappsoftware we want you to be our next success story, taking you to a digital transformation as friendly as possible and giving you our best practice advice.

We want cloud adoption to be a good experience for your collaborators and that your clients only notice positive changes in your operations.

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